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Monthly Plan: $39/mo
1 User
Yearly Plan: $19/mo
1 User
Monthly Plan: $129/mo
up to 10 users
Yearly Plan: $89/mo
up to 10 users
Monthly Plan: $259/mo
up to 35 users*
*additional users $19/month
Yearly Plan: $199/mo
up to 35 users*
*additional users $19/month
Features Basic Grow Pro

Mobile App (iOS & Android) ▼

Provide your team with powerful and easy-to-use native mobile apps so that they get the jobs done easily in the field whether there is a network connection or not.

Schedule & Dispatch ▼

Schedule and dispatch the right person to the right job based on time, skill, location, and your business rules. Track team members and tasks in detail – real-time.

Dashboard & Reporting ▼

Watch the data flow to your dashboard screens intelligently from the field to help you make good business decisions. FieldPie collects any kind of data from the field smoothly, online, or offline.

Working Offline/Online ▼

Your technicians can do all their activities without any interruption, keep storing their data without any problems, move forward with their tasks even network connection is not available in the field.

Quoting & Follow-Ups ▼

Pick your client, add your products or services, and hit send. Your client will receive a text or email with a unique link to view their quote online.

Invoicing & Follow-Ups ▼

Create and track invoices easily as they are sent, paid, or past due. Batch, create, and send all your invoices at your convenience.

Online Payment ▼

Accepting payments with FieldPie is fast, safe and easy! Enable your technicians to take payments in the field easily.

GPS Tracking ▼

Get a clear picture of your team’s and your client’s map view so you can visually solve problems and keep things running smoothly. Translate the addresses into GPS positions and ensure that records are properly displayed on the map.

Time Tracking ▼

Keep track of the hours your employees work in real-time using the time tracking features and get insights of job details.

Mobile Data Capture ▼

Collect data in the field: Pictures, Surveys, Orders, Forms, Documents, and more. Mobilize your team and collect any data real-time, real easy whether a network connection is available or not in the field.

Job & Task Management ▼

See how your business is performing at one glance. FieldPie’s flexible, secure mobility platform enables the team members to quickly accept jobs, access critical data in real-time, use GPS, enter work details, notes & payments, take pictures, fill-out and submit checklists, and capture signatures.

Product & Service Management ▼

Manage all your products and services in the field easily for a good “customer experience and satisfaction”.

Team Management & Permissions ▼

Complete a successful “job lifecycle” by managing your team members correctly and fulfill complex and bundled appointments quickly and accurately.

Job Detail & Attachments ▼

Access job data along with attachments anywhere, anytime securely.

Custom Branding ▼

Impress customers with your professional approach. Include your company brand in your PDFs and work orders.

Online Booking ▼

Offer your customers a convenient and fast way of booking. Let your customers book appointments online straight from your website.

Quickbooks Integration ▼

Easily integrate customer, invoice and payment information with QuickBooks. Create invoices in the field, eliminate double data entry, and keep all invoices in one place.

On My Way Text Messages ▼

Impress your customers by letting them know that your field team is on the way.

Customer Portal ▼

Customer portal is a self-serve, secure, setup with customer’s company branding online portal that allows your customers to approve quotes, check appointment and job details, pay invoices, print receipts or ask for more jobs to be done.

Email & Text Notifications ▼

CBe in touch with your clients from the get-go, keep them updated with the right information with your customized e-mails or text messages, win more jobs, retain existing customers.

Custom Job Forms ▼

Design “mobile forms” easily – with no coding or programming skills required – right from your portal and make them instantly available to your field team’s mobile apps so that they can collect data in the field.

Client Notifications ▼

Keep your clients updated before, during, and after the work with intelligent Notification features.

Map Based Job Assignments ▼

Assign jobs to your technicians just by drawing circles on the map view.

Two-Way Text Messaging ▼

Communicate with your clients in real-time, with custom or automated notifications.

Notes & Reminders ▼

You do not have to remember anything. Take notes in the field and let FieldPie remind you what to do at the right time.

Recurring Service Plans ▼

You do not have to remember when recurring jobs are due either. Let FieldPie takes care of recurring plans when due dates are approaching.

Data Import & Export ▼

Import/Export your schedules, clients, and product & service details easily to/from FieldPie. You don’t need to match your columns with any format or sample, FieldPie offers a quick and easy way to import your data in seconds.

AI Powered Planning & Prediction ▼

FieldPie uses advanced Machine-Learning algorithms to predict and auto-fill plan dates, assign the right technician to the right job, determine the parts to be used at the job and predict any other form fields to be filled out to move your service business ahead of the competition.

Easy System Integrations/API ▼

Use FieldPie’s advanced and easy-to-use APIs to integrate with any system to receive or send data from/to the field or your dashboards.

Email & Text Marketing ▼

Win more customers with ready-to-run email and text marketing campaigns.

Client Management (CRM) ▼

Convert opportunities to real business easily with CRM features of FieldPie, keep track of all crucial customer info, including detailed customer history, job details, and all balances due/overdue.

Lead Management ▼

Manage opportunities to make sure that you focus your time and energy to real profit-making leads.

In-App Employee Chat ▼

Instantly be in touch and exchange information with all your team members easily. Never lose contact with your team with FieldPie’s advanced collaboration platform.

PDF Creation ▼

Create PDFs quickly from the data collected in the field; with no coding skills required and easily send your PDFs to your customers or save them on your storage.

Document Management ▼

Keep your documents in order with FieldPie’s easy-to-use Document Management module.

Custom Fields ▼

Add custom fields to your tables so that you can customize your data to fit your own needs easily.